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Social Media Genie is a marketing tech company that leverages social media to increase your sales. We combine proprietary technology with systematic creativity to maximize the results of social media marketing.

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Three out of four people you know use social media, this means almost everybody you know can be reached through social media.

Selling is about telling a story, make sure you tell many stories and that they are heard by as many people as possible.

Always remind your customers you are there for them, keep them informed about new products, tell them about specials happening, keep them coming back.

The more active you are on Social Media the more advantage you have over your competition.

Why companies use Social Media Marketing?

Almost 50% of the world's population spend more than 2 hours per day on social media.

0 %
Consumers use social media to research products

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Customers will recommend a product they are happy with on social media with their friends


82% of SMBs that are significantly increased revenue say that social media is effective for generating leads.


90% of Social Media Users Reach Out to Retailers.


Grew by 24% by using social media for lead generation.

We have taken the best social media marketing practices from big corporations such as Nike, Amazon, Tesla and customized it for small companies.

Our Services

Setting up all your Social Media Accounts
Adding content regularly to your Social Media
Growing your Social Media Presence
Increasing your brand loyalty
Creating Content for your Posts
Creating Content for your Ads
Creating Content for Customer Communication
Creating Special Sales Deals
Increasing sales through paid Advertising
Lead Generation focused Advertising
Customer Acquisition advertising
Customer Loyalty advertising
Analyzing your Advertising Effectiveness

Made for Success

The most effective way to increase your Sales with Social Media Marketing is to completely customize our services to fit your business needs.

Social Media Genie helped us grow our game to 3 million users which generated 250 000 $ in yearly revenue.
Mobile Gaming Company, Blade Bouncer, USA

Advertising strategy executed by Social Media Genie helped us grow our freelancing platform to thousands of developers.
Freelancing Platform, Techie Farm Inc, Canada

Growing our Social Media Presence using Social Media Genie Services opened a lot of doors for us which resulted in closing more than 12 high valued deals.
Tech Company, MovingImage Gmbh, Germany

What have we done for our clients?

+ 3 000 000

Users acquired

+ 800 000

Increase in Purchases

+ 5 000 000 $

Return on Investments