What is Social Media Marketing?
Social media marketing is the use of social media platforms to engage with an audience in order to increase sales and drive website traffic.
What is Social Media Genie?
Social Media Genie is a creative tech company that combines the latest methods in Social Media Marketing with proprietary cutting edge technology to help you make the most of your Social Media Marketing.
Why to invest money in Social Media Marketing?
Social Media Marketing is the fastest most cost effective way of marketing your product with the biggest return on investment.
How will social media marketing help me sell more products and services?
Simple math, the more people see your ads more people will potentially buy your product.
Why makes Social Media Genie so effective in Social Media Marketing?
A unique combination of Marketing, Technology and Creative experience with a little sprinkle of humor.
Why choose Social Media Genie?
We have the technical, creative and marketing skills to make sure your social media marketing is done in an effective way.
What social media should I advertise on
The answer to this question depends on what you are selling and who you are selling it to.
Who creates the content for the social media posts?
You have the flexibility to choose, you can create it yourself or we can create it but we believe the best content is created if we do it together.