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in 2020

Social media advertising is one such business strategy. Using the right kind of digital advertising for a business can help you reach different types of target audience groups generate leads, connect to your customers and create brand awareness at local, national, and international levels.

Typically, there are six such social media platforms, where you can invest your money. Select such a network that your target audience usually visits and market your brand as per your requirements.

That is where this post will help you. Here are six of the best social media advertising platforms and details on how you can use each of them for advertising.

1.Facebook Advertising

Facebook hosts over 2.4 billion active users per month and still represents the biggest opportunity for advertising your brand and growing your business. The greatest advantage of Facebook is customizing the target audience using filters for location, job description, interests, and past activity. You can also express your creativity and when making ads through different types of ad content such as video, image, carousel, Instant experience, slideshow, etc.

It is far more effective and easier to use than any other social media platform and gives you the chance to reach many more potential customers for a relatively low cost.

An example of Facebook Ad Campaign

2.Instagram Advertising

It is an excellent place for advertisement. Instagram uses only visual media, so, advertising on Instagram is far more appealing than any other social media. Ads are linked to a product page or page, which leads to direct engagement with your product.

Instagram’s advertisements cost the same as that of Facebook advertisements, but your ad on Instagram receives more views. It provides personalized suggestions to its users and follows hashtags based on your followers’ or friends’ likes and interests.

Through Instagram, you can also try and reach out to any Instagram influencer and get him/her to support your products/business. People have trust in them and are more likely to buy products that they promote.

3. Twitter Advertising

Another convenient social media platform for you to advertise your products is Twitter. Twitter has about 330 million active users monthly.

Unlike Facebook, Twitter is still a viable network for organic engagement. Brands don’t need to pay in order to reach their followers, which enhances the platform’s value even when running paid ads. Marketers on twitter can advertise their brand or product by sharing attractive images and videos relating to the products.

On average, a thousand ad impressions (CPM) on Twitter ads cost between $9 and $11 while clicks cost roughly 25-30 cents each. Well - optimized campaigns bring about similar levels of engagement for a very small price difference.

Twitter ad cost has been steadily increasing over the last 2 years due to more marketers slowly taking advantage of the platform, but overall, the platform is still considered to be in development for advertising.

4. Pinterest Advertising

Pinterest is unique. It’s visual, but unlike Instagram, it is highly specific toward women with an 81% female user base.
Pinterest’s demographics suggest products targeted toward millennial women from the U.S. will do very well with their ad platform, and case study data confirms this.
With 175 million monthly users, it’s also an incredibly active platform.

Pinterest uses the high performing pin and promotes it based on customer’s engagement on it. Those promoted pins are made more visible to those who browse keywords related to your brand. The engagement on the platform is excellent and is ideal and successful for you if you can get creative with your graphic design.

Attract your customers’ attention by creating a relevant description of your product that will further improve the visibility of your ads.

5. LinkedIn Advertising

LinkedIn is another unique social platform primarily for businesses. Research suggests that around 50% of B2B web traffic that comes from social media comes from Linkedin.
Unlike most social platforms, which surpass B2C advertising, LinkedIn is uniquely suited for B2B ads and social media marketing campaigns.

It’s also where you tend to find the highest quality leads, especially in certain industries. In fact, the industries that see the greatest success with LinkedIn advertising include recruiters, secondary education, and high-end B2B products and services.

Similar to Facebook, It allows you to customize your target audience based on some specific factors, for instance, location, age, size of the company, type of company, skills, and education.

6. Snapchat Advertising

There’s really only one stat you need to know to understand the value of Snapchat. On a daily level, Snapchat reaches 41% of all 18-34 year-olds in the United States.

Snapchat has a number of advertising options, most of which are quite expensive. Here are some of the types of ads that you can place on Snapchat:

  • Snapchat Feed Ads - These are interactive ads that appear like native content on the platform. ($1,000 – $3,000)
  • Sponsored Lenses - These video lenses are like Instagram filters that people can use to create their content. These cost quite a lot but have the potential to go viral and make it worth the investment. ( $450,000 - $700,000 per day )
  • Snapchat Discover Ads - This lets you show your content at the top of the page where people go to explore new content. ($50,000 per day)

Indeed, the interactive video ads on Snapchat receive high swipe-ups. This is higher in comparison to average swipe-ups or clicks on other social media platforms. But ads on Snapchat are costly. However, advertisements on Snapchat receive a huge response from users.


Use one or more of these platforms in your social media advertising mix to reach the different target audiences for your business. Customize your ads to match the platform guidelines and your target customer persona and you’re good to go.

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